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PEHSU.CAT wants to be a point of reference for pediatric environmental health in our country, to comprehensively address the effects of our environment on child and reproductive health.


Prevent, detect and manage diseases and environmental risks related to children.

What is pediatric environmental health?

Also called environmental pediatrics, pediatric environmental health is a pediatric specialty aimed at the prevention, detection and management of diseases or health status of children, from conception to adolescence, related to our environment.

The World Health Organization defined environmental health in 1993 (Sofia Declaration, Bulgaria) as “aspects of pediatric health, including quality of life, determined by the interaction of physical, chemical, biological environmental agents, psychic and social, as well as the theoretical and practical aspects of assessing, correcting, controlling and preventing environmental factors that adversely affect the health of present and future generations. "


Pediatric Environmental Health Unit

What is a PEHSU ?

PEHSU are the abbreviation of Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit, ie, Pediatric Environmental Health Unit. They emerged in 1998 in the United States, with the creation of a network of units throughout North America. In Europe, the first PEHSU was created in 2003 at the University and Polytechnic Hospital of the Faith in Valencia, with the help of Dr. Josep Ferrís i Tortajada. In 2005 the bulk of the activity was moved to Murcia, to the Virgen de la Arrixaca University Clinical Hospital, under the leadership of Dr. Juan Antonio Ortega García.

A PEHSU is "a clinical unit located in a hospital or pediatric department where pediatricians with experience in pediatric environmental health and cooperating with other health professionals (other specialized areas and primary care of pediatrics, family physicians, obstetricians, toxicologists, occupational physicians, university graduates in nursing, pathologists ...) and other areas (biologists, engineers, architects, chemists ...) work to recognize, assess and manage diseases and risks environmentally related to children , as well as providing education , training and research in pediatric environmental health. " (Dr. Ortega García, Murcia, 2005).


Pediatric Environmental Health of Catalonia


The growing social awareness of our society about the influence of the environment on our health and experiences in other parts of the world in pediatric environmental health have pushed us to set up a meeting point for all of us who work in this field. scope in Catalan-speaking territories.

PEHSU.CAT was born with the vision of creating an environmental pediatric network in Catalonia, with the creation of consultations or units that meet the needs

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