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PEHSU Garrotxa

What is a PEHSU?

The Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (PEHSU) are clinical units in which pediatricians specializing in SMAP work as a team with other health professionals and professionals in various fields to provide clinical care, education. community, training and qualification of professionals, advice of agencies and entities, and research, which the World Health Organization places at the center of the management of SMAP

Los niños corriendo
The PEHSU Garrotxa


In Catalonia, the challenge of launching a PEHSU in 2016 is taking place, within a territorial pediatric team in the Garrotxa region. During this time, PEHSU Garrotxa has offered advice to different agencies on different SMAP matters, such as children's health and tobacco, alcohol or other drugs; courses and seminars on SMAP for health professionals; outreach to the community through radio, local television and social media, and workshops in schools and institutes. The main activities he has carried out in the clinical field have been the following:


  1. Environmental screening of pregnancy ("Green Leaf"): detection and management of the most important environmental risks of pregnancy. Implemented in the pregnancy monitoring program throughout La Garrotxa and aimed at pregnant couples, preconception visits or during breastfeeding.

  2. Consultation on smoking cessation: support and monitoring of pregnant women or their partners who want to quit smoking.

  3. Mediation and consumption consultation: mediation for adolescents and preadolescents with family, academic or social conflicts. Attention to the first consumption of legal or illegal drugs and the problems that arise.

  4. Environmental pediatric consultation: assessment and management of environmental diseases and risks from the contraceptive stage to the end of adolescence.

  5. Clinical research: care-based, eminently translational.

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